• What Can CBD Lotion Do for Pain?

    CBD Lotion For Pain

    CBD lotion is a topical infused with hemp-derived CBD. It’s a recent sensation for herbal well-being and a significant component of dealing with topical pain.


    CBD lotions help with addressing and giving relief to a number of illnesses. There are also different forms of CBD products to use according to your preference. You can either go for gummies, oils, lotions, pills, creams, salves, or balms.


    Although all the CBD products can potentially help relieve pain to reduce joint pain or arthritis pain, a topical CBD product like a CBD lotion would be more effective.

    Different Type of Pain That CBD Lotion Addresses

    The goal of this line is to manufacture CBD lotion for pain. This lotion is targeted to address certain affected areas and soothe them. CBD lotion combines itself with the patient’s natural physical functions and then works its way through.


    That’s why pain relief is very subtle and non-irritant. CBD lotion for pain is helpful for numerous excruciating health conditions. They are:


    • Arthritis and joint pain
    • Migraine
    • Chronic pain
    • Muscle spasms
    • Neuropathic pain
    • Back pain
    • Muscle soreness
    • Muscle cramps


    Let’s take a look at some of them in details here:


    • Migraine

    The patients suffering from chronic migraine often have a high level of CGRP and a lower level of endocannabinoid. That’s where the CBD springs into action. CBD oil lotion affects particular brain receptors - the one that the endocannabinoid system contains - and relieves pain.


    For better understanding - oxidative stress are responsible for triggering migraine nerves, and CBD lotion immediately calms the nerves down upon application. CBD acts more like an antioxidant for migraines.


    Hence, CBD is considered to be the most effective, safer, and natural migraine remedy.

    • Arthritis Pain

    Arthritis is more commonly found in people than it seems. Around fifty-four million Americans have arthritis, which makes it one arthritis patient in every four persons. This is also one of the major reasons in the USA for permanent disability.


    Patients who have arthritis feel severe joint inflammation, joint pain, stiffness, movement issues, swelling, decreased flexibility, and many more symptoms. The pain mainly targets hands and feet and results in excruciating pain.


    The CBD lotion for joint pain has pain-relieving and therapeutic elements, which are proven to be really helpful for arthritis. The CBD oil lotion affects the brain receptors in a manner which the researchers think is responsible for reducing pain and inflammation.


    Since CBD lotion for arthritis pain has been showing significant signs of improvement in the affected areas, the manufacturers are incorporating CBD in many more products to increase the range, like CBD hand lotion for arthritis.

    • Chronic pain

    Dealing with chronic pain has always been a challenge. Patients and doctors are continually looking for a better nonaddictive method to treat this chronic pain. And ever since cannabis got legalized, it has been used in a lot of medical practices to help people reduce their pain.


    There are studies that proved CBD can effectively decrease inflammation and pain of chronic pain. There are cannabinoid receptors in our endocannabinoid system. Our natural cannabinoids interact with these receptors. This endocannabinoid system is responsible for a lot of our bodily functions like appetite and metabolism, mood and anxiety, and perception and pain.


    CBD uses this ECS to apply its pain-relieving qualities with the help of different system modulation and interactions.

    • Back pain

    Back pain can either occur in the upper side or on the lower side of the back. It might not be such a serious issue, yet it’s quite disturbing and discomforting. It’s more common in the senior people, and this drastically affects the productivity of anyone suffering from back pain.


    People often suffer from back pain due to tensed muscles, falls, muscle spasms, infection, scoliosis, arthritis, fibromyalgia, less sleep, and so on. This pain can last up to six weeks maximum—a long time to be in such discomfort.


    Back pain sometimes comes with muscle soreness, ache, and stabbing feeling. CBD lotion can help with alleviating the pain and discomfort of the back pain.


    Most of the people with back pain are prescribed painkillers that have significant side-effects if taken for the long term. CBD, however, is a natural agent, and it doesn’t produce any analgesic tolerance.


    Again, some of the patients are prescribed NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), which also isn’t safe to be used for the long term. A natural CBD oil lotion for pain removal is a better option considering it comes with anti-inflammatory elements.


    Sometimes back pain is also caused by intervertebral disc degeneration. CBD in CBD lotion for pain can actively protect the intervertebral disc degeneration that the lesion induces.


    There are medicines like anti-convulsants and anti-depressants used to treat patients with lower back pain. And CBD can be an excellent alternative for it because there are anti-convulsants and anti-depressants properties present naturally in it.


    Back pain can also cause depressive symptoms, anxiety, sleep disorders, stress, and other problems. CBD oil lotion for pain is pretty compelling to fight these co-morbidities and improve the lifestyle.


    CBD also acts as a muscle relaxant that also helps the patients deal with their back pain better. However, CBD lotion will not treat any underlying back pain condition; instead, it may save the patient some pain.

    • Neuropathic pain

    Nerve damages induce neuropathic pain. People with multiple sclerosis, herniated discs, and shingles often go through neuropathic pain.


    CBD targets the endocannabinoids in our bodies that control our physiological processes like appetite, inflammation, immunity, and pain sensation. ECBs run through our bloodstream, causing their effects by linking to our cannabinoid receptors.


    CBD reduces the metabolic breakdown of our natural ECBs and thus makes a road for the endocannabinoids to modulate the pain. Then CBD slows down the breakdown procedure, and this indirectly raises the endocannabinoid’s work, which results in reducing the pain.


    However, all the CBD lotion’s effectiveness still requires more research and lab-proof. So before going all-in with the product, it’s wise to do a patch test. Also, consulting a CBD clinician prior to any CBD product usage is recommended.

    Is CBD Lotion Effective for Pain?

    The research regarding CBD’s effectiveness is still an on-going process. But the information that we have now is quite promising. There already are studies that claim CBD can reduce inflammation, pain and soothe the affected area.


    Of course, we have recent studies regarding CBD’s potency, where people who used CBD lotion for pain and other CBD products have seen visible improvement and felt less pain.


    Although CBD products have many back-ups to prove its beneficial qualities, it still lacks the proper amount of research about the safety and potential. Hence, CBD is still not approved by the FDA yet. The organization needs more evidence to establish CBD as a therapeutic product for pain relief.


    The market today is filled with products containing harmful chemicals and shady ingredients. So the organic and natural is the new trend now. CBD certainly fits in the category and thus became a sensation today.


    However, not all the CBD products in the market are original and natural. So keep your eyes open, read the labels carefully, and if possible, try to buy from one trusted place only.


    With the natural, safe, and organic CBD lotions, the painful journey ends.

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